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ICT Technician 2 M/F

General information


  Location: Asia-Pacific, China, Shenzhen

Type of contract: Regular

Job open date: 22/04/2021

Company department: Infrastructure Operations Management


 STMicroelectronics is a leading semiconductor company, a world key player thanks to our 43,200 employees including 8,300 working in R&D.

 ST’s products are found everywhere today. And together with our customers, we are enabling smarter driving, homes, factories, and cities, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices. Everywhere microelectronics makes a positive contribution to people lives, ST is there.

 In 2018, we were ranked by the Randstad Employer Brand Research Award among the 5 most attractive companies in France, for our values of excellence, our integrity and the respect of our employees.



1.As the IT helpdesk service support platform, provides production users with the first level of IT support service 24*7 all day, helping users to deal with IT hardware and software problems.
2.Maintain and troubleshoot production network and IT equipment with the assistance of external suppliers
3.Monitor the operation of IT machine room facilities, IT services and key applications, and timely deal with and report any problems found.
4.Perform daily work, including routine task program inspection, IT system performance monitoring, computer room environment inspection, preparation and sending of daily files and reports, system backup support, etc
5. Assist IT system administrator and IT application engineer in maintenance and troubleshooting, communicate and feedback information in time

1. 作为IT服务支持平台,向生产用户提供提供全天24*7的第一级IT支持服务,帮助用户处理IT的硬件和软件问题。
2. 在外部供应商的协助下,对生产线的网络和I.T设备进行维护和故障解决
3. 监控IT机房设施、IT服务和关键应用的运行情况,发现问题及时处理和报告
4. 执行各项日常工作,包括日常任务程序检查、IT系统性能监控、机房环境检查、日常文件和报告的准备和发送、系统备份支持等
5. 协助IT系统管理员和IT应用工程师的维护和故障排除工作,及时沟通和反馈信息



  •  1. Familiar with IT basic technique knowledge:  Operating system,Microsoft Office,LAN/WAN,PC,Printer,Scanner etc..
    2. Good in written and spoken English
    3. Good team work and report skill.
    4. College education background.
    1. 熟悉IT相关的技术知识,Window 操作系统、打印机、电脑硬件,Office, LAN/WAN,扫 描仪等等
    2. 较好的英语读写与听说能力
    3. 好的团队合作和报告的技巧
    4. 专科或者以上的教育背景
  •  4 - Bachelor degree
  •  2-5 years



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