Mechanical design engineer M/F

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40 - Experienced

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Mechanical design engineer M/F



Job description

  1. Lead power module design concept definition in collaboration with multi-functional team and material vendors.
  2. Select the best design option for performance optimization including but not limited to efficiency, power density, cost, footprint and scalability, provide design Schematic and BOM
  3. Investigate and edit product structures, generate CAD models, 2D/3D drawings and be responsible for the final technical data package.
  4. Provide design simulation, calculations and analytical models for prediction of design concept outcome
  5. Provide design risk assessments, mitigation plans, development lessons learned and proof of concepts
  6. Develop package roadmaps based on product design requirements, survey of new packaging technologies in the industry and benchmarking of competitors.


  1. Bachelor or above degree in electrical/ mechanical/material engineering
  2. Strong understanding of semiconductor device fabrication and assembly technology, also with knowledge in semiconductor device physics, preferably SiC, IGBT, MOSFET, FRD,SCR…
  3. Experience in package design/simulation/implementation.
  4. Advanced knowledge of elasticity, plasticity, failure, and heat transfer in materials/structures.
  5. Advanced knowledge of materials properties and associated analytical models used in mechanical engineering problem solving.
  6. CAD experience: SolidWorks®, AutoCAD®, ProE
  7. Knowledge of JEDEC, IEC, IPC and AEC standards are desired.
  8. Experience in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, good at tolerance stack-up analysis based on the component and process tolerances.
  9. Must possess knowledge of high-volume manufacturing technologies and production variance
  10. Have experience with simple and complex manufacturing processes including injection molding, stamping, forming, casting, final assembly

Position location

Job location

Asia-Pacific, China, Shenzhen

Candidate criteria

Education level required

4 - Bachelor degree

Experience level required

2-5 years


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