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Warehousing Operator M/F

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Job level

00 Manufct.Non-Exempt/Operator

Position description

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Warehousing Operator M/F



Job description

Responsible for performing an array of duties such as:

1.Receiving and processing incoming finish goods (FG)

2. Perform put-away of finish goods on shelves.

3. Picking of finish goods (FG) from shelves.

4. Splitting of finish goods according to orders and packing into cartons

5. Perform operations of packing to pallets and loading start

6.Managing, organizing warehouse inventory and performing cycle count

7. Working in a normal shift 9.75 hrs environment, normal shift


1. Previous working experience as a warehouse or production operators for at least 1 year.

2. Hands on experience with inventory and logistics software applications, such as SAPWM preferred.

3. Good team working attitude

4. Good interpersonal and communication skills

5. Able to work in a fast pace environment

6. Able to work in a normal shift environment

Position location

Job location

Asia-Pacific, Singapore, Loyang

Candidate criteria

Education level required

2 - Lower secondary education / professional qualifications

Experience level required

Less than 2 years


English (1- Basic)


Desired start date