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Process Technology Development Diffusion Engineer M/F

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Job level

30 - Graduate Entry Level

Position description

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Process Technology Development Diffusion Engineer M/F



Job description

To develop new process steps (as for diffusion, deposition and epitaxial processes) for MEMS products to realize actuators and sensor device.

To install, characterize and manage new equipment 

To define a process, stabile and manufacturable, capable to follow the product specification to guarantee process quality.

To define a strategy to keep all process in control under complete measurement tool set

To introduce innovative and unique process solution to contribute to develop new IP

To contribute on definition of new product to maintain ST as MEMS leader.


·       Materials Science Knowledge

·       Knowledge on physical characterization

·       Knowledge on mechanical material proprieties

·       Statistical Method

·       Ability on team working

·       Innovation

·       Flexibility

·       Creativity

·       Problem solving

·       Flexibility

·       Adaptability

Position location

Job location

Europe, Italy

Candidate criteria

Education level required

5 - Master degree

Experience level required

2-5 years


English (3- Advanced)


Desired start date