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Lab Technician 2

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080 - Technical Non-Exempt

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Lab Technician 2



Job description

1.  Responsible for ST ECC FA using FA methods such as EMMI, X-RAY, SAM, SEM, chemical decap an so on ., Work with different dedicated product group / FQS/ div  to do FA for ST ECC 

2. FA Quality and CT control and review with management , Weekly meeting with management and product group to review case quality, technical discussion and cycle tim

3.    Responsible for STS new product and new technology introduction,Get to know the product, and collect the failure information and background of units, make a good and correct FA procedure

4. physical analysis to support for New product and material qualification and quality monitor to find the reliability mechanism 

5.   FA work instruction editing

6. Issue analysis report and explanation

7.Ensure that lab management and activity is according with CNAS standard.

8. FA sample management and FA system management;

9. lab 7s and other work arranged by lab



1.Major : electrical / material or strong related  specialities

2. Familiar with office-software

3.Experience: strong related experience >2 years

4. Be responsible and patient

5.  prefer if familiar with FA instrument

6. English level 4 , or Good oral writing and listen english

7.good communication


Position localisation

Job location

Asia-Pacific, China, Shenzhen

Candidate criteria

Education level required

3 - Upper secondary education diploma

Experience level required

2-5 years


Desired start date