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Innovative Ku band AiP solution targeting SatCom LEO CPE Solution M/F

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30 - Graduate Entry Level

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Innovative Ku band AiP solution targeting SatCom LEO CPE Solution M/F



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We can witness today a strong interest of the telecommunication industry to develop innovative Low Earth Orbit satellite communication system leveraging a large constellation of small satellite (SpaceX Starlink project being good example).
Those LEO systems use high complexity phased antenna array requiring a large number of silicon ICs in order to achieve acceptable cost. Unfortunately, due the constraints related to antenna array integration the cost of the PCB can exceed the total IC RF BOM by a factor of ~x 2.
This is the challenge we would like to address in this PhD thesis by developing innovative Antenna in Package solution in Ku band that could relax the antenna integration constraints and consequently enable a drastic cost reduction of the system.

Current cost structure of phased array antenna solution targeting LEO SatCom CPE is badly impacted by the complexity (–up to 8 or 10 layers) of required RF PCB. This build up complexity is directly related to the antenna integration constraints. In order to relax this constraints and reduce the cost structure, we propose to develop innovative AiP solution in Ku band Leveraging previous expertise gain at 60 GHz.


- microwave: antenna, matching network, passive devices

- optical: photodiode, semiconductor physics

- tools: Keysight ADS, Ansys HFSS, Cadence Virtuoso, UNIX

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Europe, France, Crolles

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5 - Master degree

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Less than 2 years


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