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Industrial Chemist - 4 Shift M/F

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Job level

30 - Graduate Entry Level

Position description

Posting title

Industrial Chemist - 4 Shift M/F



Job description

STMicroelectronics [Malta] Ltd is currently seeking to hire a Chemist to assist in the Water Purification Procedure and to help in the production of Ultra-Pure Water and wastewater treatment. This role will be on a 4 Shift pattern.



  • Support water projects at all stages including initiation, scope of works, specifications, lay-out, request for quotations, installation, and commissioning.
  • To ensure that Deionized Water quality conforms to specifications and to give the necessary technical support to resolve issues together with the Specialist
  • To do the necessary checking and monitoring to identify any actions required to con-serve and recycle water.
  • Assisting in carrying out improvements and repairs in existing water equipment and distribution systems.
  • To ensure that technicians operating the water treatment plants are trained.
  • Assist in monitoring of water consumption in manufacturing and other uses and checking cause of any increase in water use. Planning and implementation of actions to address water loss problems or efficiency issues.
  • Water use data assimilation and reporting on a regular basis.
  • Assist in monitoring of all water treatment processes and equipment to check efficiency. Checking for compliance to procedures and ensuring that high standards are maintained.
  • To ensure that wastewater effluent parameters are continuously monitored and kept below the regulatory discharge limits.
  • Provide technical support to the plant facilities engineering team on water-related issues.



  • Be in possession of technical competence and experience aligned with the role.
  • Be in possession of bachelor’s degree, preferably in Chemistry.
  • Be energetic and motivated to work in a very dynamic environment and able to adapt to the challenging tasks.
  • Have a smart personality, good communication skills and be able to adapt to continuous improvement practices.
  • Have sound knowledge of the latest software packages.
  • Goal oriented, self-driven and highly innovative.
  • Have good command of the English Language

Position localisation

Job location

Mediterranean, Malta, Kirkop

Candidate criteria

Education level required

4 - Bachelor degree

Experience level required

2-5 years


  • English (3- Advanced)
  • Maltese (3- Advanced)


Desired start date