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Digital Design Synthesis/STA M/F

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30 - Graduate Entry Level

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Digital Design Synthesis/STA M/F



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Job description

The Incumbent will be responsible for Synthesis, Constraint development and Timing SignOff of products related to  Engine control , Safety(including airbag) , Body, Chassis and Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) for futuristic cars.

Responsibilities include guiding and reviewing work done by younger engineers along with being a strong technical contributor. This would involve strong communication and interpersonal skills , synthesizing and reporting data to management and customer.

The job involve interactions with RTL/DFT designers to understand system and develop constraints for Synthesis and Implementation. Candidate will be responsible for Synthesis and Timing signoff for complete SOC while working with Implementation engineer at every stage for getting best QOR through optimum placement , CTS and timing closure for products involving state of the Art technologies like 7nm FINFET and 28FDSOI with high frequency and low power challenges. These SOC involve Integration of analog IPs and are Multi-supply, Multi-mode, Multi-corner having complex multiple clock structures. Constantly challenged to meet the automotive standards along with closing the design requirements.



Expert in developing chip constraints working with RTL and DFT teams

Strong in Reporting to management and customer

Synthesis and STA Expertise  with synopsys/Cadence tools

Capable of working independently as well as technical lead

Knowledge of full RTL to GDSII flow to take timing closure from RTL to signoff

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Should have good understanding of verilog/VHDL

Exposure to low power techniques

Knowledge of tcl and perl scripting is a must

Should have a strong sense of urgency.


Position localisation

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Asia-Pacific, India, Greater Noida

Candidate criteria

Education level required

4 - Bachelor degree

Experience level required

Over 10 years


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