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Design of Low phase noise VCO for mmw application (radar/5G) M/F

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30 - Graduate Entry Level

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Design of Low phase noise VCO for mmw application (radar/5G) M/F



Job description

New standard need higher and higher phase noise performances. New technologies allows higher frequency operation but do not really improve noise performances.The phase noise depend on passive and active performances but also of VCO architecture. The common architecture gm/LC tank allow to reduce phase noise against power consumption. But this mechanism is limited by layout constraint. Some publications proposed new architecture (several synchronized VCO, specific 4 ports inductances, ...).  The goal of this stage is to investigate such solutions


Liste des compétences :

Obligatoires (motivation pour la conception de circuit analogique/ radiofréquence, connaissance circuit électronique/transistor)
Souhaitées / négociables (simulation analogique/RF, cadence, layout)

Niveau d’anglais : Moyen (Lecture publications, écrire rapport en anglais)


Votre rigueur, votre persévérance mais aussi votre capacité d’analyse pour résoudre les problèmes seront des atouts indispensables pour ce poste.

Expérience attendue : BAC+2


Position localisation

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Europe, France, Crolles

Candidate criteria

Education level required

4 - Bachelor degree

Experience level required

Less than 2 years


  • French (3- Advanced)
  • English (3- Advanced)


Desired start date